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Mikaela Lauren’s comeback ends in anticlimax after one round



The highly anticipated and unexpected comeback of Mikaela Lauren took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, at the boxing event Danish Fight Night.

The fight against Ioana Fecioru was her first in four years.

However, the fight barely started before it was over.

After the first round where ,the Swede put pressure on her opponent, Fecioru’s team threw in the towel between round one and two, due to an injured shoulder.

Lauren was declared the winner via TKO.

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Mikaela Lauren is disappointed

In the post-fight interview, the Swedish 48-year-old was clearly disappointed with the way the comeback ended.

“I’m so happy to be back in the ring but I’m very sorry that the fight was so short. I’m so disappointed. Don’t fake an injury. I’m so mad, so disappointed. I’ve been gone for four years so I hoped for a longer fight.”

Mikaela Lauren still hopes to become world champion again within a year.

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