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The International Boxing Association suspends Sweden and three more countries



The International Boxing Association

The International Boxing Association (IBA) has suspended the New Zealand Boxing Association, German Boxing Association, Swedish Boxing Federation, and the Dutch Boxing Federation for their ties to the breakaway governing body World Boxing (WB).

That’s according to boxing site Inside the games.

What will happen with Sweden’s participation in the Olympic Qualifications for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics is not known at the moment.

According to TT, Per-Axel Sjöholm of the Swedish Boxing Federation will make a statement on Tuesday.

WB was formed in April 2023 with the intention to save boxing’s place on the Olympic programme.

The International Boxing Association suspends Czech Boxing Association

IBA also suspended the Czech Boxing Association following the organization of the international tournament “Grand Prix”.

According to IBA the reason behind the suspension is that non-eligible boxers from USA Boxing were allowed to participate in the tournament.

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