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Toni Lampinen opens up on comeback after epic war: “He will break”



Toni Lampinen (1)

Just two months ago the Nordic MMA scene was rocked by the epic bloodbath that was Andreas Gustafsson vs Toni Lampinen. The two collided in an unforgettable clash between Sweden and Finland in the Fight Club Rush 16 main event that will never be forgotten. The hometown fighter Gustafsson would welcome Finlands Lampinen to Sweden and FCR, but nobody could have predicted what followed.

Both fighters gave it their all, exchanged brutal strikes and truly fought as if there was no tomorrow and their lives depended on it. The canvas looked like a set takes straight out of a horror movie, seemingly as if blood had been literally raining into the cage, all while the commentators screamed in shock and amazement.

In the end Lampinen ended up succumbing to the onslaught from Gustafsson, defeated via a TKO in the end of the second round.

Speaking to Lampinen looks back at the bout with Gustafsson as a landmark of Nordic MMA – but isn’t looking to replicate the fight any time soon in favour of having a long career.

“1. It was definitely an entertaining one, but you cant have many of those in your fighting career if you want to stay healthy, Lampinen tells I believe it sure has its place amongst the craziest fights in Nordic MMA history.”

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“I need to get inside”

Lampinen undoubtedly had strong moments in the fight, breaking Gustafssons nose early and landing fast shots. Looking back, he plans on being more tactical going forward, not leaning on pride or bullishness but rather being more defensive.

“I learned that it is probably smarter to cover up more and not always trade with the ‘take one to give one’ mentality”, Lampinen states with a laugh.

Lampinen will now return against the tall and tricky Swede Christian Stigenberg in the FCR 17 co-main event. Stigenberg is coming off of a one-sided bludgeoning of Danish grappler Simon Seiler, in a bout that firmly established Stigenberg as one of the top welterweights in Northern Europe.

Acknowledging the challenges that Stigenberg presents, Lampinen sees distance management as the key to victory.

“He’s long and rangy obviously, so I need to get inside to do some damage.”

After going through nearly two full blood-soaked rounds with violence that rivals the most extreme horror movies, nobody can question Lampinens toughness. Now, more willing to embrace defensive tactics, Lampinen sees a clear advantage against his next Swedish opponent.

“Mentality is my biggest advantage, he will break before I will”

The FCR 16 main event was Lampinens first trip to Sweden, and while the results weren’t what he wanted, the experience as a whole left Lampinen wanting more.

While well aware of the long-lasting sports rivalry between Sweden and Finland, Lampinen promises another fight to remember.

“The fans were great! Its good to see that I can perform in a way so even Swedish people can love a Finnish fighter! They can expect fireworks as always with me!”

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