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Uma Galli is stoked about massive opportunity: “Always wanted to fight in RWS”



Uma Galli STHLM Fight Night 2

Uma Galli at the recent STHLM Fight Night 2. Photo: Chris Önnerby

Yesterday, reported that Swedish Muay Thai fighter Uma Galli will make her debut in the prestigious Rajadamnern World Series on Saturday January 20.

She will take on the experienced WBC World Champion and ONE Championship fighter Barbara Aguiar from Brazil.

Frontkick got a hold on the Swede who commented on getting the big fight at RWS.

“I’m taking the fight on short notice as Marie Ruumet pulled out, and this is a huge chance for me. It will be so much fun,” Galli told Frontkick.

The Rajadamnern World Series is globally streamed on DAZN and is a huge platform for Muay Thai fighters from all around the world.

“I’ve been watching RWS a lot and always wanted to fight in the promotion at some point in my career,” Galli said. “To be able to do it now, and to do it on the main card against a skilled and experienced fighter, feels just amazing!”

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Uma Galli: “I will gladly accept more fights!”

28-year-old Uma Galli is also a former Swedish Muay Thai Champion and the first Swedin woman to compete at the classic Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok as she fought Nongaem Fairtex in December 2022.

Now we hope to see her compete in more big fights in both Sweden and Thailand.

Do you have more fights coming up in RWS?

“I don’t know yet, I have no other date set at the moment, but if I will get the chance I will gladly accept more fights!”

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