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Vilda Ekhorn is more than ready for her pro debut at MTFL: “Awesome and surreal!”



Vilda Ekhorn MMA (1)

Vilda Ekhorn will face Anne-Lise Hogstad at MTFL: Unite Against Cancer. Photo: Chris Önnerby

Rising Muay Thai star Vilda Ekhorn is red-hot at the moment.

After winning the the Swedish Championship and World Championship in 2023, she will crown the year with a pro debut at Saturday’s MTFL: Unite Against Cancer.

In an interview with Frontkick, the young fighter opens up facing seasoned opponent Anne-Lise Hogstad in a Scandinavian derby.

“It feels awesome and a bit surreal,” Ekhorn says. “I look forward to facing Anne-Lise, I like to test myself and in a fight like this you really get clear answers to where you stand as a fighter. The level of competition and this being my pro debut, it’s just like a win-win for me. I’m going for the victory, but whatever happens I will see it as a learning process and a way to grow as a fighter.”

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Vilda Ekhorn thinks Muay Thai will grow in Sweden

The young World Champion is stoked on fighting on a charity event in favour of The Swedish Cancer Society.

“It’s so cool to be a part of this. I like how Patrick Thomsen arranges the event, Ekhorn says. “I also like how he reaches an audience outside the regular Muay Thai clique in Sweden. Few, if any, have succeeded with that before. It feels like Muay Thai is taking a step towards being a sport that sports fan in general talk about.”

What fights are you looking forward to on the card?

“I’m looking forward to seeing the fights between Nasim Kazem and Amir El-Dakkak, as well as Linus Bylander against Kim Falk. I’m also interested in the fight between Lisa Melin Johansson and Daniella Eshagi. I sparred with Lisa at Bosön, and it will be interesting to see how Daniella, who’s short like me, will do against her.”

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