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Swedish Muay Thai world champ Vilda Ekhorn: “Don’t give a shit about what my opponent can do”



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Vilda Ekhorn. Photo via OneChai Muaythai (Facebook)

Swedish Muay Thai fighter Vilda Ekhorn is a star on the rise.

After splendid performances and four straight wins at the 2023 Muay Thai World Championships in Thailand, she won gold in the 54 kg (youth) division.

In an interview with Frontkick and Maximum Sport’s Sebastian Vendel-Martinez, the young world champion describes the feelings after winning the prestigious finals.

“Everything caught up with me, every fight, because this was the fourth fight. Then I felt like ‘Shit this is it’. This is what I’ve been waiting for and pictured in my head the whole time,” Ekhorn said.

The Stockholm fighter admitted she had a hard time to comprehend what she accomplished in Bangkok.

“Maybe I’ll get it when I get back to Sweden again, when I’m back in training and I’ll meet my family and everyone from the gym.”

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Vilda Ekhorn breaks down the tournament

Breaking down her fights in the championships, Vilda Ekhorn revealed that her two first opponents were really tough and that it took a lot of grit to get the W’s.

“The two first fights were against the tallest opponents in my weight class, they were both at least one head taller than me. So I went for the clinch and just landed knees, knees, knees to score points and that gave me the wins in my two first bouts.”

In the semi finals and finals, she could perform more like the way she wanted, even if her last opponent was a southpaw.

“I could use more of my boxing and fight the kind of Muay Thai that I like,” Ekorn said.

“I don’t give a shit about what my opponent is good at, I just focus on what I’m good at.”

Watch the full interview here

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