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Wasi Adeshina outfights hyped Norwegian prospect at CAGE 59



Wasi Adesina Jon Furuheim. Frontkick

Wasi Adeshina and Jon Vetle Furuheim just fought at CAGE 59. Photo via Maximum Sports

Wasi “The Nigerian Jaguar” Adeshina just took on Jon Vetle Furuheim in a featherweight bout at CAGE 59 in Finland.

Vetle Furuheim took the fight to the ground after 30 seconds but the Swede defended well. Adeshina did some damage in the last seconds of the event round.

Adeshina secured a takedown early in the second round and started to work from the top. Vetle Furuheim threatened with submission attempts from the back.

The Swede was strong in the third round and was able to dominate the Norwegian during five minutes to win the fight via unanimous decision.

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Wasi Adeshina gave the Norwegian his first loss

With the win in his CAGE debut, Adeshina has a pro record of 5-3.

“I’ve been hungry for a long time, I’ve been broke, no food in the jungle,” Adeshina said in the post-fight interview. “In the beginning of the fight he felt very strong, but you know, once the jaguar is hungry he never lets loose of that bite.”

Vetle Furuheim was undefeated going into the fight but now has a pro record of 3-1.

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