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Prospects William Swärd and Jack Elmer to clash at Wolf Fight Promotion 5



Wolf Fight Promotion 5 William Swärd Jack Elmer

William Swärd and Jack Elmer will clash at Wolf Fight Promotion 5. Photo Stefan Romare and Wolf

Växjö Titan’s William Swärd will return to the cage at WFP after his impressive performance in his last fight. This time he will go up against Jack Elmer, who’s representing Allstars Training Centre in Stockholm, in an amateur A-klass lightweight bout on December 10.

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Wolf Fight Promotion 5 – Updated fight card

WFP 5 takes place at Akea Arena – Kalmar Sportcenter, in Kalmar on December 10. The MMA event will be historic as the first-ever in the city.

You can find tickets to the event here!

  • Super lightweight (Pro) : Tobias Wallberg vs Tobias Söderberg
  • Middleweight (Pro): Daniel Bergström vs Addis Saljevic
  • Strawweight (Pro): Josefine Modig vs. Ariadna Duran
  • Middleweight (Amateur A-klass): Deldar Qaso vs. Fabian Misk
  • Heavyweight (Pro): Ivan Dzuran vs. TBA
  • Featherweight (Amateur A-klass): Mohammed Rahmani vs. TBA
  • Bantamweight (Amateur A-klass): Ellen Karlsson vs. Isra Alshairawi
  • Superlightweight (Amateur A-klass): Sebastian Fränberg vs. Shadi Fakhouri
  • Lightweight (Amateur A-klass): William Swärd vs. Jack Elmer

*Bout order and number of fights can change.

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