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Alexander Volkanovski struggled with mental issues ahead of UFC 294



Alexander Volkanovski post-fight UFC 294

Alexander Volkanovski at the UFC 294 post-fight press conference. Photo via YouTube

Alexander Volkanovski struggled with mental issues ahead of the rematch against Islam Makhachev.

The featherweight champion has always claimed to be a big believer in preparation for fights.

However, at the post-fight press conference at UFC 294, an emotional “Volk” explained the decision to take on the best lightweight in the world with very little time to prepare..

“I could’ve made better decisions, but he’s not somebody you should be taking a short notice with. But I needed it,” Volkanovski said with tears in his eyes. “A lot of people will say it’s for the money and all that, but it was much more than that. It was hard. It really is hard for athletes.”

“I was just doing my head in. I needed a fight.”

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Alexander Volkanovski was struggling a bit not fighting

Alexander Volkanovski explained that when he doesn’t have a fight camp he feels like he’s wasting time.

“This opportunity came up and to be honest, I wasn’t training as much as I should’ve,” Volkanovski said. “But I thought I had to do it. I had to take it. I’m telling myself it’s meant to be. I was struggling a bit not fighting, doing my head in. I don’t know how.”

“Everything’s fine. I have a beautiful family but I don’t know. You just need to keep busy. That’s why I just asked the UFC to keep my busy. I just need to be keeping busy. I need to be in camp, otherwise I’m going to do my head in.”

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