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UFC co-main event close to end in brawl after NC: “I’ll f*cking kill you”



UFC Fight Night 239 Bryan Battle

Bryan Battle and Ange Loosa. Photo via Twitter (ESPN)

Last night’s UFC co-main event was declared a no contest and moments later the fired up fighters were almost back in action.

Bryan Battle and Ange Loosa needed to be held back by commission officials after they exchanged harsh words over the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the outcome of the fight.

The welterweight fight ended after Battle poked Loosa in the left eye which made the referee stop the fight. Battle thinks his opponent exaggerated the eye poke’s damage to avoid losing in the octagon.

“What triggered the argument is that I looked at him and called him a pussy,” Battle said post-fight. “I knew it wasn’t that bad. I knew it wasn’t that bad. I’ve been poked in the eye before. I’ve accidentally poked people in the eye before. I’m sitting there looking at him and he’s fine.”

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Bryan Battle: “There was no way he was going to win”

Bryan Battle claimed his opponent felt he was going to lose and found a way out of the fight with the eye poke.

“He knew there was no way he was going to win that fight. He knew without a shadow of a doubt there was no way he was going to win that fight. So when he had an opportunity to act like he couldn’t see, that they would call it a no contest (he did),” Battle said.

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