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Coach Cesar Gracie’s got good news: “We’re getting the old Nick back”



Nick Diaz UFC (3)

UFC fighter Nick Diaz. Photo via Instagram: (@nickdiaz209)

At UFC 266 in September last year, fan favourite Nick Diaz faced former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler in his long awaited return to the octagon. However, Diaz was unable to make the welterweight limit and didn’t look like his former self.

Recently, his coach Cesar Gracie revealed that the Stockton figher injured his neck just weeks before the comeback fight.

“Nick went into that fight, and his neck was pretty messed up. Robbie is a great, tough fighter and everything, and Nick was doing great, and then you see Nick kinda just fading as the fight wore on,” Gracie recently told Submission Radio.

The coach claimed that the Stockton fighter just couldn’t train as they wanted prior to the bout.

“Nick had an operation very recently here, seven weeks ago. Two of the discs ruptured in his neck before the fight, so he was having numbness of the hands. So that’s why he didn’t make the 170, he fought at 185. It was impossible to train. He just didn’t have any strength, he didn’t have what you’re used to Nick Diaz,” Gracie told Submission Radio.

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Nick Diaz has titanium discs in his neck

Now, the older Diaz-brother has titanium discs in his neck and will see a doctor again in September. According to his coach, he will soon be able to go back to hard training again.

“So, we finally were able to go, and he got an operation, and he put the titanium discs in his neck. So, he’s feeling great from that right now, and it’s like we’re getting the old Nick back, which is really good,” Gracie said.

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