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Conor McGregor will be back his summer: “We’re a go!”



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Conor McGregor. Photo by Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports

Conor McGregor claims that he and the UFC have formally agreed on plans for his comeback fight.

At The MMA Hour, the former two-division champ revealed that he will return this summer.

“The call has been made and we’re a go,” McGregor said.

The Irish superstar said he will let the UFC announce the details surrounding the fight, like date, location, number of rounds and weight class.

McGregor hopes that his comeback only serves as the first of two fights in 2024.

“Consistency breeds quality. So I’m coming in here, years out of the game.”

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Conor McGregor wants three rounds

The Irishman has recently been involved in a lot of promotion for the movie Road House which premiers today. However, he claimed that he’s been going for it in the gym at the same time.

“Now I’m sparring and fighting and I feel good and sharp, but I’m going to have to get my in-league sharpness, and that’s going to have to come through the things,” McGregor said.

It looks like he aims to fight a three-rounder in the comeback.

“Because I’ll do three three rounds really nicely now. And rather than pushing through to get to five — it’s just, I feel if I push right now to walk toward five full fitness rounds, I feel like the first three rounds wouldn’t be as sharp as I could get them.”

“Chandler is going to come for it, Chandler is going to come at me, he’s going to want to try and engage and come at me. He’s going to have to, and that’s his style. So I think three is a lovely one.”

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