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UFC boss is disappointed in Colby Covington after UFC 296: “Such a nasty thing to do”



Dana White Colby Covington MMA UFC 296 (1)

Dana White and Colby Covington at the UFC 296 post-fight press conference. Photo via YouTube

When former welterweight interim champion Colby Covington brought up Leon Edwards’s murdered father in the build up of Saturday’s welterweight title fight many think he crossed the line.

UFC CEO Dana White is one of them.

“It bothered everybody,” White said at the UFC 296 post-fight press conference. “What I say, it’s true: We’re in the fight game, and lots of mean things are said. (But) one of the things that I really don’t like is family (trash talk).

“When you start going after family, whether it’s the kids, the wife, the parents, whatever, it’s just such a nasty thing to do. But again, this is one of those sports where you say horrible things and then 24 hours later it goes down.”

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Colby Covington: “They hate me because I support Trump”

Colby Covington continued his controversial statements at the post-fight press conference, claiming that the judges favored Leon Edwards in the main event due to political reasons.

“The judges never favor me. They hate me because I support Trump, and everybody hates Trump in this building, so it is what it is. Life goes on.”

“I thought the third, fourth and fifth rounds were mine.”

The 35-year-old American is now 0-3 in undisputed UFC championship fights after facing Kamaru Usman twice and Leon Edwards once.

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