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Ex-champ Robert Whittaker on “giant” Alex Pereira: “Who let this guy in?”



Robert Whittaker Alex Pereira MMA

Former UFC midlleweight champion Robert Whittaker and current middlweight champion Alex Pereira. Photo via USA Today Sports

At a recent press conference ahead of UFC 284 in Perth, former middleweight champion Robert Whittaker commented on the new champion Alex Pereira, and the possibility to fight him in the future.

“I think Pereira is a better matchup for me than Israel. Just because the way he stands and the way he likes to push forward, the way he likes to fight gives me a better edge,” Whittaker said. “But in saying that – did you see the size of the fella? Why is nobody mentioning that? Dude is a giant. He’s an absolute giant.”

“I’ve been face to face with Israel and it’s surprising to see, Israel is pretty big, he looks tall and lanky but he is actually a big dude. And then you see Pereira up against him, his facial features are bigger, his feet and hands and forearms are massive. Who let this guy in? But still, I think I can take him.”

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Robert Whittaker does not want to overlook Paulo Costa

Even though a chance to fight Pereira is on the horizon, “Bobby Knuckles” still has to clash with Paulo Costa at UFC 284 first. And the heavy-hitting Brazilian is a fighter he doesn’t want to overlook.

“I really do have to focus on Costa. Big boy, hits very hard,” Whittaker said. “I feel like if I look past him and start preparing for events and possible fights past Costa, I’m not giving Costa the severity I should be, the respect I should be. So all my eyes, intention and focus is on trying to put him away.”

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