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Good and bad news as Gilbert Burns updates on injury: “Thought about quitting many times”



Gilbert Burns

Gilbert Burns. Photo: Jason da Silva – USA TODAY Sports

UFC welterweight contender Gilbert Burns will be out for a long time after hurting his shoulder in the fight against Belal Muhammad last Saturday.

There has been speculations on how bad the injury was, but a few hours ago the Brazilian welterweight gave an update about the injury on his YouTube channel.

“I have an AC joint torn, but it’s the second-to-third grade,” Burns said. “I have the dilatory torn. On the trap I have a muscle torn, and I have a sprain on my C-4 and my C-5 (on my neck). But all of those are partial. Nothing major. Thank God I don’t need no surgery. I’m taking a strong inflammatory. I’ve been sleeping most of the time. As of right now it doesn’t hurt because I’m taking so much medicine.”

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Gilbert Burns does not need surgery

On the bright side, the Brazilian welterweight won’t need surgery to get back to action. However, it will be a while before we will see him back in the octagon again.

“It’s going to be between two to three months recovery. I’ve got to do a lot of rest the first three weeks. I don’t think I even have PT. I’m just going to get a brace (for my arm). The good thing was all partial.”

The injury occured when Muhammad landed with all his weight on Burn’s left shoulder.

“I thought about quitting many times,” Burns said. “I didn’t, but I thought about it. It was that mental battle.”

Muhammad won the fight via unanimous decision with 50–45, 49–46 and 49–46 on the scorecards.

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