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Does undefeated Ian Garry really stand out from every fighter on the planet? “I’m unbelievable”



Ian Garry MMA UFC 292

Ian Garry returns to action in December. Photo via Instagram (@iangarry)

Undefeated rising star Ian Garry is definitely not shy when it comes to promoting himself.

In fact, recently visiting the Energized Show, the young Irishman claimed that he pretty much stands out from every fighter on planet Earth.

“I’m unbelievable. I’ve been telling you this since I was a teenager, I am unbelievable. The way my brain works, and the way I look at fights, and the way I calculate stuff is just different to people on the planet. I have a different wavelength, a different understanding of the way fighting works,” Garry said.

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Ian Garry vows to stop Vicente Luque

On December 16 he will face the No. 8 ranked veteran Vicente Luque at UFC 296. If the Irishman wins the fight he could very well see himself fight for the welterweight strap in a not too distant future.

“Stay tuned, be ready, because I’m going to go out there and I’m going to finish Vicente Luque whatever way I want,” Garry said.

“I can go in there and manipulate and manhandle people in any way, shape, or form that I want to because I’m that much better than them. This fight with Luque, the fight with Magny, the fight with D-Rod, it’s all the same stuff, just repeated in different ways. I will find a way to have success, and I will win every single time because I am that much better than everyone.”

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