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IN ENGLISH: Watch as Khamzat Chimaev Destroys Heavy Bag



Swedish UFC breakout star Khamzat Chimaev is set to face top contender Leon Edwards in an upcoming welterweight bout this march. Frontkick online visited Allstars Training Center, Stockholm, on Friday to catch up with Chimaev during his preparations.

“Now I’m back to 100 %. My lungs are good. Strength and conditioning is great. You’ve seen how hard we work on cardio. We work hard day after day. I’ve always worked hard, but I’ve never trained for five rounds before. Now i train extra hard with longer sessions,” Chimaev told Frontkick.

“I want to smash him, brother. I want to destroy him. I want to take his head, And collect every head like this. I have 9 right now, but soon I’ll have 10. Then we’ll continue collecting more,” he continued.

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Khamzat Chimaev has never seen Leon Edwards fight

The Swede admits that he hasn’t seen Edwards fight – it doesn’t matter – he vows to dominate him nonetheless. After that, he will set his sights on Kamaru Usman and the welterweight title.

“I’ve never seen Edwards fight, I’ve only seen highlights of Usman beating him. Highlights on Youtube, something like that. If Usman won like that, I’ll demolish him. He has no knockout power or anything special at all. I’ll dominate both him and Usman. Inshallah. Soon,” he said.

“Take everyone’s head, both in welterweight and middleweight. That’s my goal. People talk about hype, yada yada yada. But you guys know what I’m doing here. Nobody in the entire world does it like me”, Chimaev said.

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