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Khamzat’s coach wants a five-round clinic rather than one punch KO



Andreas Michael Khamzat Chimaev

Andreas Michael and Khamzat Chimaev. Photo: / SWEEP Productions

On UFC 279 we will see one of the most anticipated fights of the year when rising star Khamzat Chimaev takes on seasoned veteran Nate Diaz in the five-round main event.

In a recent interview with Oscar Willis at The Mac Life, Andreas Michael, who’s Khamzat’s head coach, said he wants his fighter to put on a clinic rather than knocking Diaz out.

“He do a clinic, five rounds, you do a technical clinic on him. That says more than a one punch finish doesn’t it,” Michel said. “It shows skill, it shows stamina, it shows that he has the mindset and patience.”

His main concern going into the fight is getting Chimaev to avoid brawling with Diaz to see who’s the toughest of the two.

“I keep him grounded by remind him what happened last fight. Last fight we thought it would be an easy fight, which could have been, if we stuck to the gameplan. But other than that, he’s just got to remember that these guys are at the top for a reason, they are seasoned veterans,” Michael said. “They are there because they earned it and you have to understand that and respect that. This is not an easy fight, absolutely not.”

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Feeds the aggression of Khamzat

Andreas Michael said that Chimaev is learning to control his emotions to become more of an ice cold fighter. However, it can be hard to balance wild and controlled.

“I let him be wild in trainings. I can give you an example. When Mike Tyson used to train, spar, they never used to tell him ‘take it easy, do this and that’ because then you destroy what the nature of the beast. So, I feed his aggression, but, by all means, I’m not being unfair to anyone else though, but I just let him be who he is in training, and I developed that,” Michael said.

“In the fights, I can’t control this aggression and control it the way you control it in the gym, but I don’t put water on that fire. I try to control it and I try to make it bigger, but in a controlled environment.”

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