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Khamzat dismisses Alex Pereira’s MMA career, vows to stop him in 60 seconds



Khamzat Chimaev Alex Pereira MMA MMA

Alex Pereira and Khamzat Chimaev. Photo via UFC (Twitter) and Stefan Romare

UFC president Dana White recently revealed that Khamzat Chimaev will face a top ranked middleweight in his next fight.

Of all the top dogs in the division, Chimaev belives that champion Alex Pereira is the absolute easiest fight for him. In fact, he claims that “Poatan” would be nothing but a cakewalk.

“He’s the most easy fight for me in the UFC. In my career, brother,” Khamzat said in an interview with Ariel Helwani. “First round, first minute. Easy. No punch, nothing.”

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Rematch with Adesanya coming up for Pereira

The top ranked welterweight, who might move up to middleweight in his next fight, claimed he wanted a return to action in July.

Meanwhile, Pereira is about to defend his strap in a rematch with Adesanya, headlining on April 8.

“I don’t think [he beats Adesanya]. If Israel trains just wrestling in his training camp, he’ll beat him easy. That guy has zero wrestling. I don’t know — yes, UFC like to push that guy, crazy guy, and he’s playing, showing he’s face always serious, and all that shit. Why play that much? I don’t know. I don’t like that guy.”

“We are wrestlers and we’re different”

The fact that Pereira has a pure striking background, rather than MMA or wrestling, doesn’t seem to impress Chimaev.

“He has zero wrestling? Who they give him? Who was wrestler in his career? The one guy who was not in the UFC — I don’t know what he did fighting or not — he lost against that guy from Brazil. I watched that fight. That fighter is almost amateur. He beats him. He lost against the guy. He clinched him and tried to wrestle with him and tried to make him tired,” Khamzat said and continued.

“Of course, if you’re just kickboxer and just do kickboxing match in the cage with the small gloves, yeah, you’re better in striking. You do your thing and you win the fight. But if you fight with somebody who wrestles … because most guys, [Roman] Dolidze gonna win against him, Jack Hermansson gonna win against him. Easy. Because we are wrestlers and we’re different.”

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