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MMA expert claims it’s too easy to get into the UFC today: “Everybody gets the chance”



Matt Brown MMA UFC 1

UFC veteran Matt Brown. Photo via Instagram (@iamtheimmortal)

As the UFC keeps on growing, the promotion needs more and more fighters on its roster.

Just to get a perspective; in 2001 held a total of five events featuring 80 fights for the entire 12 months. In 2023 the promotion held 43 events with 520 total fights.

On the latest episode of pod cast The Fighter vs. The Writer, UFC veteran Matt Brown claimed that it’s so much easier to become a UFC fighter now than when he was signed back in 2006.

“It’s not like I necessarily don’t have that respect for the guys today, but the barrier of entry is so much lower now,” Brown said. “When I was coming up, the UFC was a dream. It was the Super Bowl. You get to the UFC, you’re the fucking man.”

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“The chance to get to the UFC was a big thing”

According to the veteran, this generation of up-and-coming fighters is so eager to go to the leading promotion that they just want a couple of pro fights before entering the octagon.

“When I was coming up, the chance to get to the UFC was a big thing. Now it’s like everybody gets the chance now,” Brown said.

“Nowadays, I don’t even know what to tell up and coming fighters. They’re like ‘I want to get four or five fights and then get to the UFC.’ A couple years ago, I’d be like don’t be a fucking idiot! Now I’m kind of like yeah, you might be able to do that.”

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