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Pimblett’s harsh messege to the lowest paid UFC fighters: “Work harder, show personality!”



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Paddy Pimblett returns to action after a year away from the octagon. Photo via YouTube

Paddy Pimblett is not impressed by UFC fighters who’s arguing to get a better payday in the UFC.

In fact, he has quite a harsh message for the lowest paid fighters who claim they don’t earn enough dough in the promotion.

“A lot of people probably do make more money outside the UFC. I make more money outside the UFC from my sponsors and stuff like that,” Pimblett said. “But in the UFC, you get paid what you’re worth. You always see people giving Dana grief. You get paid what you’re worth.”

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Paddy Pimblett: “I’m worth it!”

The Liverpudlian rather think of the pay structure as a fair representation of what each athlete is worth.

“I got a nice payday for my last fight because I’m worth it,” Pimblett claimed. “All these crabs in the UFC who are getting 12/12, you’re obviously not worth it! Work a bit harder, show a bit of personality.”

Paddy Pimblett will take on Tony Ferguson in a main card lightweight bout on Saturday’s UFC 296. He is undefeated in the promotion with four wins, three via stoppage. The former interim lightweight champion will enter the fight riding a six-fight losing skid.

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