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Report: Oliveira is having trouble making weight for UFC 300



Charles Oliveira 2 MMA

Charles Oliveira has missed weight before. Photo via YouTube

According to MMA expert Chael Sonnen, there is information that indicates that Charles Oliveira will not make weight at the UFC 300 weigh-ins in a few hours.

“I will offer you this one thing, little piece of inside baseball (inside information), we’ll see how it works out,” Sonnen said on a new episode of his Good Guy / Bad Guy show with Daniel Cormier.

“Right now with team Oliveira, their biggest concern is not Saturday. They’ve got one opponent first and this opponent’s beaten them before, several times, and that is the scale.”

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A little bit worried about Charles Oliveira

Charles Oliveira has missed weight a number of times in his career. As a featherweight, he missed weight four times. He also missed championship weight by half a pound at UFC 274 back in May 2022 and was stripped of his lightweight title as a result.

According to Sonnen, the Brazilian’s team is worried that history will repeat itself once again at UFC 300.

“Right now they are getting some weight off and they are a little bit worried about their athlete,” Sonnen said. “It’s a very big deal. This is arguably a number one contendership fight, and just to remind you, Dana White will not allow you to fight for the title next off of previously missing the weight class. So it could have some implications.”

When the weigh-ins start at noon ET (9 a.m. PT, 18.00 CET) we will find out if Sonnen’s inside information was correct.

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