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Rising star Amir El-Dakkak aims for ONE in 2024: “I will become the best fighter in the world”



Amir El Dakkak

Amir El-Dakkak. Photo: Stefan Romare

Amir El-Dakkak is a bright shining star on the Swedish Muay Thai scene.

With a combination of heart, skills and charisma, he intends to prove that he got what it takes to make it on the biggest stages in the world. In a recent interview with Frontkick’s sister site Maximum Sports, the Malmö fighter shared his goals for the future.

“My plan is that we’re going to Thailand and have a camp and fights there. I will become the best fighter in the world, I know that, I just need to get the chance to prove it. I believe I have the chance to get into ONE Championship if I fight in Thailand, that’s my goal,” El-Dakkak said.

After injuring his right hand several times, he aims to be back in fighting shape and take the world by storm next year.

“I will be back stronger, faster and tougher in 2024. I will try to get out in the world, compete all over the world and become the best. It doesn’t matter which promotion I will fight for in the end, but my goal is ONE Championship. People can expect to see me in ONE in 2024 if my hand has healed.”

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Amir El-Dakkak signed with Viracci Sports Management

With newly started Swedish management Viracci Sports Management having his back, the young fighter feels that the sky’s the limit.

“Before he started VSM, Andres Viracci helped a lot of fighters I know, like Freddy Castro and Christopher Bajo,” El-Dakkak said. “He’s doing the thing he burns for. If you’re doing things with heart, and he does, there’s no limit to how far you can go. If you have someone supporting you with your heart everything will turn out good.”

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