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Robbie Lawler has a hard time comprehending career-last fight at UFC 290



Robbie Lawler UFC 290 1

Robbie Lawler. Photo via Instagram (@ruthless_rl)

Former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler will make his final octagon appearance at UFC 290 this Saturday, as he takes on Nico Price in the featured prelims.

At the UFC 290 media day, the 41-year-old veteran admitted that the retirement is freaking him out.

“I would say there was fear because it’s freaking unknown,” Lawler said. “I’ve been training and competing my whole life, even when I was supposed to be in high school and middle school, I was training on how to get better at wrestling or football or fighting when I should be doing my homework. That’s where I’ve always been.”

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Robbie Lawler wants to be around in MMA

Even though the veteran will stop competing, he claimed he definitely will be around the sport to help fighters coming up.

“This sport’s given so much to me. The reason I am where I am today and been able to last this long is because of all the people helping me,” Lawler said.

“So I’m going to give back all these little tidbits over time and we have a really good gym at Kill Cliff FC and help guys get stronger so they can make money and compete at a high level. That’s what I feel martial arts is about, is to give back and showing techniques.”

Robbie Lawler made his UFC debut in February 2023 and Saturday’s upcoming clash with Nico Price will be his 18th fight in the promotion.

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