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Tricky position for No. 1 ranked Sean O’Malley: “Doesn’t really make sense to fight”



Sean O’Malley Petr Yan 1 UFC Frontkick

Sean O’Malley defeated Petr Yan at UFC 280 . Photo via Twitter (UFC)

UFC star Sean O’Malley is the No. 1 ranked bantamweight in the world and is expected to fight for the gold in a not too distant future.

However, with the current champion Aljamain Sterling and ex-champion Henry Cejudo both claiming they will fight next, O’Malley finds himself in a somewhat tricky position.

“I always knew I’d be in this position where you’re at the top of the division. It doesn’t really make sense to fight. I’m guaranteed a title shot. Obviously, Aljo and Henry still have to be announced,” O’Malley recently said on the Believe You Me podcast.

“I’m kind of in that position where do I be smart — like I’ve done my entire career — and just wait for those two dorks to fight or do I risk it and go fight someone else? Which wouldn’t be the intelligent thing to do, but it’s like you only get so many years to fight. I don’t really feel like sitting around too much.”

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Sean O’Malley: “They’re both very heavy grapplers”

Sean O’Malley claimed that he leans towards sitting tight though. Waiting for Aljamain Sterling and Henry Cejudo to fight will also give him some extra time to work on his grappling.

“I’m just training, I’m getting better,” O’Malley said. “I know I need to improve in aspects of my grappling whether I fight Aljo or Henry. They’re both very heavy grapplers, so I’m fine with sitting out. I’m literally just grappling. That’s all I’m really doing nowadays. I’m fine waiting a couple months, just keep getting better.”

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