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This is how to beat Conor McGregor according to Eddie Alvarez: “If I was his coach … “



Eddie Alvarez conor chandler 1

Michael Chandler, Eddie Alvarez and Conor McGregor. Photo via USA Today Sports and One Championship

Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez is one of the most battle tested veterans out there.

With 40 professional MMA fights in UFC, Bellator and ONE, very few has a resume like “The Underground King.”

The 39-year-old is one also of the few MMA fighters that has competed against both Michael Chandler and Conor McGregor.

During a recent interview with Jon Anik, Alvarez gave his opinion on how the upcoming fight might play out.

“Mike Chandler’s a hell of an athlete, I just think stylistically the way he’s been fighting and the strategy he’s going about fighting isn’t the way to get it done against Conor McGregor,” Alvarez said.

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Eddie Alvarez believes in wrestling

The former lightweight champion encourages Chandler to trust in his wrestling skills in a fight against such a elite striker as McGregor.

“I would implore him if I was his coach to change his style, to go for single legs, to go for shots and force Conor to wrestle early. You have to force him to wrestle early so he doesn’t have the powerful tools that he’s able to take advantage of in all these other guys,” Eddie Alvarez said.

“Wrestle him early enough and tire his shoulders down, tire his legs down, and slow him down and he’s half the striker that he can be when he’s fully energized.”

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