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Volkanovski offers to ‘save the day’ at UFC 300: “Like I always do”



Alexander Volkanovski MMA

Alexander Volkanovski is the UFC featherweight champion. Photo via Instagram (@alexvolkanovski)

UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski will defend his strap for the sixth time come Saturday.

As UFC seems to struggle to find a main event for their massive UFC 300 fight card on April 13, “Volk” recently claimed that he’s willing to step in on short notice to save the day.

“I think they’re struggling still — maybe, it seems like they could be, I don’t know, wherever they are — with UFC 300. I know a guy!” Volkanovski said.

“There’s plenty of time. Just so you know that. Just in case there’s anything happening. Dana, Hunter, you know a guy. I’m going to go do business, ruin someone’s party — or a few people’s party — and then I can come save the day, like I always do.”

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Alexander Volkanovski: “I’ve prepared properly”

Saturday’s fight against Ilia Topuria is one of the most anticipated of the year so far. The you challenger is undefeated and predicts to knock out Alexander Volkanovski in the first round.

The seasoned champion has another prediction.

“I’m ready for a young, hungry prospect to come and bring a fight,” Volkanovski said, before adding, “but I won’t be surprised – and you shouldn’t be surprised – if I make it look easy. I’m not saying that’s exactly how it is. I’m not cocky like that. I’ve prepared properly, but if he doesn’t land a punch and I rag-doll him and make him look like nothing in there, you shouldn’t be surprised.”

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