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UFC matchmaker takes interest in Swedish sensation Samuel Bark



Samuel Bark MMA Cage Warriors 1 Frontkick online

Samuel Bark. Photo via Dolly Clew / Cage Warriors

Since his professional MMA debut in October 2021, Swedish striking sensation Samuel Bark been one of the most active fighters around, pulling together a impressive record of 8-1.

With his Muay Thai style and ability to take fights on short notice, he has quickly become a fan favorite, as well as a prospect that major promotions keeps an close eye on.

In a recent interview with Frontkick, Bark’s manager Majdi Shammas revealed that UFC’s matchmakers are well aware of the rising Swedish star.

“Samuel Bark is actually a guy that even Sean Shelby mentioned. We were talking about him when I was in America and met him. He was impressed whit him, and he said he didn’t know about him back then, but he’s starting to look him up and following him,” Shammas told Frontkick.

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Samuel Bark wants to fight in January

Samuel Bark, who’s ranked No. 1 in the Official Swedish MMA Featherweight Rankings, last fought at Cage Warriors 148 where he defeated Dutch BJJ black belt Orlando Wilson Prins via unanimous decision.

“To be honest you just have to respect a guy that in 13-14 months fought nine times,” Shammas said. “Nobody knows but he was really sick before his last fight, like really sick, and he still managed to get the win against a dangerous black belt.”

Living up to his name as the most active MMA fighter in Scandinavia, Bark immediately wanted a new fight.

“And the thing was that he called me directly after the fight and was like ‘Hey Majdi, when is the next fight?’. I’m like ‘Hey your foot is injured, you’re sick, you have to take it a little bit easy’. ‘Yeah the end of January, isn’t it anything in the end of January?’ and I’m like ‘No, now you take it easy’. So, he’s got a lot of options and we’re going to see what to do. He’s a free agent, he can fight anywhere he wants,” Shammas said.


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