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Claressa Shields claims she ‘beat the shit’ out of Cris Cyborg: “She cannot box!”



Claressa Shields Cris Cyborg MMA 1

Claressa Shields and Cris Cyborg. Photo via Instagram (@claressashields) and USA Today Sports

The multiple-time boxing world champion and Olympic gold medalist Claressa Shields recently claimed that she had no problem beating the all-time great MMA fighter Cris Cyborg in sparring back in 2018.

“I’ll be honest with you, when I sparred against Cris Cyborg in 2018, I took it easy on her,” Shields said Wednesday on The MMA Hour. “I let her and her team doctor up a video to make it look close, but the first and second round, I beat the shit out of Cris Cyborg. She cannot box, OK? And then we were supposed to work together more, but after I beat her in sparring, she didn’t want to spar no more.”

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Claressa Shields is open to box Cyborg

The boxing champ is more than willing to face the Bellator featherweight champion in the ring.

“So for her to be saying she’ll knock me out at 147 [pounds], and power this and power that — Cris Cyborg has power in MMA because you have all those different arts you can use. In boxing, Cris Cyborg can’t mess with me on a day that I’m sick with the flu.”

Claressa Shields recently won her second MMA fight as she won a close split decision over Kelsey DeSantis in Saudi Arabia.

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