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Why MMA expert Dan Hardy is concerned about the current state of MMA



Dan Hardy MMA

Dan Hardy. Photo via Instagram (@danhardymma)

MMA expert and former UFC fighter Dan Hardy is concerned about the current state of mixed martial arts. In a video on his YouTube channel, the Brit explained why he believes there is a bit of a decline in the sport right now.

“I feel like mixed martial arts is potentially suffering from a lull at the moment,” Hardy said.“A bit of a dip in technical ability across the board. There are some fighters certainly that stand out as being excellent still. I don’t know whether it’s fighter pay having a knock-on effect. I don’t know whether the coaching is just not being passed down from one generation to another.”

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Dan Hardy expected more elite level athletes

As a one-time UFC welterweight title challenger, commentator and Head of Fighter Operations for PFL Europe, Dan Hardy is a one of the leading MMA experts in the world.

Still he has no clear answer to the question.

“I don’t know whether the actual money going into — there are a lot of fighters that try to raise money for their training camps and stuff. I don’t know whether that’s a part of it, but for me, where mixed martial arts should be right now and the growth of mixed martial arts and the growth of the money coming in, we should now be starting to see some far more elite level athletes that come in with elite level conditioning ready to perform in an elite way.”

“Is there a division right now that has the best-ever champion in it?”

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