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Ring announcer retires after viral screw up: “It’s effecting my mental health”



Dan Hennessey 1

Ring announcer Dan Hennessey screwed up big-time at this past weekend WBA title fight between Nina Hughes and Cherneka Johnson.

The latter dominated the fight, but when Hennessey unexpectedely raised Hughes’ hand, fight fans all over the world was stunned in disbelief.

As Hughes celebrated her win, the ring announcer realized his dire mistake and re-announced the decision, with Johnson getting her justly earned victory.

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Dan Hennessey: “I’m out!”

The embarrasing situation immidiately got viral, and now, a few days after, Dan Hennessey announced his retirement from ring announcing.

“I love all the support from everyone. Thank you all for the kind words. Unfortunately the worldwide backlash is absolutely incredible and it’s effecting my mental health to a degree where I will have one more show ever. I am doing this show because I am still a man of my word and promised Sam Rapira that I would do it because he is a great mate and I refuse to leave him hanging. I love and will keep in touch with all my friends from around the world. Thank you. No longer the world’s punching bag. I’m out.”

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