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Felipe Lima: “I’m gonna school this guy then bring the belt back to Sweden”



After almost two years of inactivity Stockholm-based Brazilian Felipe “D’Ouro” Lima (11-1) is finally back in action, and it’s not just any fight he’s lined up for – he’s challenging regning Oktagon bantamweight champion Jonas “Shark” Mågård (15-5) for the bantamweight title!

The fight was announced last month and was exactly what Lima needed, as he had a bout in Road to the UFC cancelled due to his opponent getting injured.

Lima has now had a along time to gear up for a fight and is thrilled to finally get back into the cage.

“I’m just glad that I have a fight to be honest, Lima told leading up to Oktagon 45. Its not just him who’s been running away, finally after a year and a half well fight and I’m so happy about it cant wait.”

Mågård is coming off of his first title defense as Oktagon bantamweight champion in April this year. The top-ranked Dane finished UFC veteran Gustavo Lopez via second round TKO in an emphatic performance.

Lima saw the title bout, but was left unimpressed.

“I watched the fight… I expected more from Gustavo, I dont think he delivered. We found some holes in his game that were gonna work on.”

Felipe Lima ahead of comeback: “I’m a better fighter, a better person”

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Rivals Lima and Mågård have had very different levels of activity inside the cage. While there i always the notion of ring rust regarding fighters that return from a long layoff. The Brazilian-Swede rejects those notions, however.

“That’s the thing, I dont believe in ring rust, it feels like I fought yesterday. I’ve had time to do four hard fight camps, I swear to God it feels like I fought recently, I’ll show everybody on Friday.”

Lima speaks of entering a new phase in both his fight and career.

“When I say new chapter, I’m young but I’ve been a pro for almost ten years and now its the first time that I’m fighting in a big show like this, there’s gonna be 20,000 people watching me fight live. So its a new chapter in my life because its such a big show, I’m going to make sure to bring it now. I’m a better fighter, a better person, I’m in a new phase in my life where I’ve grown s much in the past years, I’m a more complete fighter, I’m just better.”

While much has been made out of the rivalry between the adopted Swede and Dane (two nations with a long history of rivalry), now that Lima has the fight booked he’s pumped the breaks on the so-called beef.

According to “D’Ouro” the intense rivalry all came down to the Brazilian-Swede angling to get the fight, not much more.

“To be honest, I dont feel nothing against the guy. I dont hate him, I have no bad feelings for him, I just wanted the opportunity to get the fight and now I have it. At the end of the day I’m going to shake his hand if he wants and if he can. I’m a good person, a man of God, I have no animosity towards him it’s just all about the fight. I dont hate the guy, its just a fight, that’s all.”

The rivalry not being particularly hot in essence, that doesn’t mean the fight itself wont be. Lima has an exciting and explosive fighting style and he is certain that the way he fights will lead to victoty.

“Get ready for a show. In all my fights i give it my all, I give a big show, everybody loves the way I fight people love to watch it. When I get there I make sure everybody has a good time watching the fight, its explosive. I’m dynamic, nobody sleeps when I’m fighting, everybody wants to watch.”

“I’m gonna school this guy then bring the belt back to Sweden.”

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