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Kayla Harrison reveals BIG career change: “This will be my last season”



PFL Kayla Harris 2022 Frontkick

PFL champion Kayla Harris. Photo via PFL

On November 25, MMA star Kayla Harrison has the chance to become a three-time PFL champion and bank another million dollars when she clashes with Larissa Pacheco in a lightweight bout.

However, in an recent interview with MMA Fighting, the dominant fighter gave a interesting update on the future, claiming that this season will be her last in the PFL.

“Yeah, this will be my last season,” Harrison said. “I’m 32. When I tell you that it is a mental and physical grind to get to this title, it certainly is. I can’t even imagine trying to make 145 pounds four times in six months,” Harrison said. “I think that is, for me, impossible. I’m hypoglycemic. It would be a health risk, and I wouldn’t be performing at my best if I did that to my body.”

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Kayla Harrison is a two-time Olympic gold medalist

The former Olympic judoka turned to professional MMA in 2016 after winning gold medals at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. She’s now one of the biggest female MMA stars – even if she never tested herself insed the UFC octagon.

“I have everything I want,” Harrison said. “I want for nothing. Everything I have is enough. I’m grateful and blessed beyond measure. Financially abundant. Three titles, let’s not get greedy, I’m happy with that. I’m ready to be patient and wait for the fights that are really going to catapult my legacy.”

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