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Lomachenko’s manager ‘guarantees’ to appeal debated decision: “Biggest robbery”



Devin Haney vs Vasiliy Lomachenko 2

Vasiliy Lomachenko. Photo via Instagram (@lomachenkovasiliy)

This past Saturday legendary boxer Vasiliy Lomachenko lost a debated decision to undefeated and undisputed lightweight world champion Devin Haney.

However, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the decision as many fans and experts believed the experienced Ukrainian boxer did more than enough to beat the young champion.

At the post fight press conference, Lomachenko’s manager, Egis Klimas, claimed that they are ready to appeal the debated decision.

“This is the biggest robbery in the middle of the day. For the other team, Christmas came in the summer and we’re not gonna let it go, I guarantee we’re gonna protest, I guarantee we’re gonna appeal that decision because somebody needs to end this injustice,” Klimas said.

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Lomachenko confused by decision

Vasiliy Lomachenko could not believe his ears when he heard the number on the judges’ scorecards.

“Every round when I come back in the corner I understand, okay it’s my round, it’s my round, I understand. Then they go in the 12th round, I understand, okay, maybe I need to, little bit, defense and I can give him this round, I don’t need to win this round because I was winning the other 11 rounds. Looks like, I don’t say every 11 rounds, but during 11 rounds, I understand, it was my score. I don’t know, maybe I don’t understand boxing.”

His manager claimed that the scoring was nothing but unacceptable.

“Somebody needs to put boxing in the place it has to be and it has to be justice because those judges, when they are scoring their completely insane score, don’t understand how those fighters are working hard to get into that place and to be robbed like that is not acceptable,” Klimas said.

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