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Sadibou Sy breaks down the LHW debut: “My style will be very hard for him”



Sadibou Sy 2022 PFL title finals

Sadibou Sy. Photo via PFL (Twitter)

Swedish PFL fighter Sadibou Sy returns for a new season on Friday April 12.

The big change this year is that the former PFL welterweight champ moves up not one but two weight classes to compete in the light heavyweight bracket.

In an exclusive interview with Frontkick, the Swedish striking sensation discusses the new season, new weight class and next opponent Josh Silveira.

“I feel great! The camp was great and my head is in the right place. The mental part is always the most important for me. It’s so exciting to fight in a new weight class.”

Sy has competed at middleweight before, and as a kick boxer he fought at light heavyweight once, but as a pro MMA fighter, Friday’s bout will mark the start of a new chapter.

How’s your body feeling at light heavyweight?

“My advantage is that I’m a technical fighter,” Sy explains. “It is a lot of weight to add for me, but I’m sure that my speed advantage will be even more obvious at 205.”

“I’ve been training a lot with bigger training partners. My opponents will be larger and stronger than in the lighter weight classes, but they will also be slower and not have the same stamina. I’m really looking forward to testing myself in this weight division.”

Tough schedule in PFL

Standing at an impressive 6’3″, making 170 lbs was not an easy task for the big Swede. Especially with the PFL’s hectic season schedule.

“To cut down to 170 four times in about seven months takes its toll,” Sy laughs. “To skip the tough cut is something new for me. It’s an extremely big difference. I’ve been walking around at 211 lbs during camp and yesterday (Monday) I was like one pound from making weight. I eat well and do everything I’m supposed to do.”

Sadibou Sy 2023 MMA (1)

Photo via Instagram (@sadibousy)

Sadibou Sy faces Josh Silveira

In his light heavyweight debut, Sy will take on Josh Silveira who’s known to be a finisher of the highest mark. With 11 of his 12 wins coming via stoppage, and just two losses, the American former PFL finalist is one of the favorites in 2024.

The calm and collected Sy, however, is just as confident facing Silveira as anyone else in the division.

“In the PFL tournament you have to be ready to take on any fighter. As soon as I got Silveira we put all our focus on him. We have come up with a great game plan that will give me the win. My style will be very hard for him. It’s a good matchup for me.”

Who’s your toughest challenge at light heavyweight?

“I’ve always had a mindset that my next opponent is the toughest opponent. I never underestimate anyone. After this weekend’s fight I will have a new opponent and then he will be my toughest test ever.”

Two successful seasons

The past two PFL seasons has been very successful for the Swedish 37-year-old. In 2022 he won the whole welterweight tournament after a string of impressive performances.

Last year he made it to the finals after three wins, including a spectacular ‘Knockout of the Year’, but fell short against Magomed Magomedkerimov.

Do you seek to avenge last season or do you enter the 2024 tournament with a clean slate?

“Of course it sucked to not win the title last year, but I would have been just as hungry this season if I did win. I’m super excited to test myself in a new weight class. I’m looking forward to starting the season and building momentum.”

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