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Sadibou Sy reveals the best thing of becoming PFL champion: “The check is just money”



Sadibou Sy 2022 PFL title finals

Sadibou Sy. Photo via PFL (Twitter)

A few days ago, Sadibou Sy wrote Swedish sport history as he defeated Dilano Taylor to become the first-ever Swedish PFL champion.

At the 2022 PFL Finals post-fight press conference, the champion opened up on the massive win and the huge paycheck that came with it.

“To be honest, the check, I’m not trying to play it down, but the check is just money,” Sy said. “To be able to become world champion for the fifth time – I was three-time world champion in kickboxing, one-time world champion in Muay Thai, and now to be able to say that I’m a world champion in MMA, that’s for me is the big thing.”

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Sadibou Sy 2022 PFL title finals 2

Sadibou Sy receives big check at Hulu Theater. Photo via PFL (Twitter)

Sadibou Sy trained with Chimaev and Strickland

As a former Muay Thai and Kickboxing world champion, the Swede obviously had the best possible striking when he transferred to MMA.

At the press conference, he gave insight into how wrestling with Khamzat Chimaev, among others, made his takedown defense impeccable, which was a key for success according to the newly crowned PFL champion.

“That was a big hole in my game. I had good takedown defense one round or two rounds, and a lot of people have helped me for that. “The Wolf,” Khamzat, he’s different when it comes to that. So, knowing that you can wrestle with that guy, nobody else is going to give you that pressure, that ferocity that he brings,” Sy told the reporters.

Top ranked UFC middleweight Sean Strickland has also been a good sparring partner in the preparations for the PFL title bout.

“Sean Strickland, I always say that he’s a maniac. I train with him in Las Vegas since I’m based there since January. For me, I always say I make sure to give him rounds, and he gives me rounds.”

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