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Samuel Ericsson teases massive crossover fight: “I’m gonna put in 100% of my soul”



Samuel Ericsson Karate Combat KC 12

Samuel Ericsson fights in Karate Combat. Photo via Instagram (@ericssonsamuel)

Swedish striker and social media influencer Samuel Ericsson is ready for his next big fight.

In a social media post he teases a fight in boxing promotion Misfits Boxing, however, at the time there are no opponent, location and fight date announced.

“Next fight: (Misfits Boxing) 2024. I’m doing my crossover fight in one of the most hyped boxing organizations worldwide! I was scheduled to fight earlier this year but for different reasons my participation had to be postponed Right now I’m preparing to start my toughest and most challenging fightcamp ever, representing (Karate Combat) in this one crossover fight deal,” Ericsson wrote in an Instagram post.

“I promise every single one of you out there I’m gonna put in 100% of my soul and spirit into this fightcamp. This will be hard, because I’m not a boxer, but trust me when I say this: ALL-IN OR NOTHING AS ALWAYS, don’t count me out, I’m ready to transform myself into a new version,” Ericsson continued.

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Samuel Ericsson made a name for himself in KC

The Swedish fighter has made a name for himself in striking promotion Karate Combat with all-in performances since his debut in 2021. However, he took his first KC loss in June as he moved up in weight to take on Alexandre Bouderbane in a tough and hard fight.

Samuel Ericsson has also fought as an amateur in MMA, pulling off a record of 1-1. His last MMA fight took place at Fight Club Rush 3.

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