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The Sunday Column: “What a glorious time to be a MMA fighter in Sweden”



The Sunday Column (2)

The Sunday Column. Photo: Chris Önnerby

Frontkick’s Tobias Lindkvist talks major and minor events from this past week in the Sunday Column.

1. What a great time to be a Swedish MMA fighter

There has never been a better time to be a Swedish MMA fighter.

Whether you are hungry amateur or a surging pro, Sweden is full of opportunities. With promotions like Allstars Fight Night, Battle of Botnia, Fight Club Rush, Superior Challenge, Superior Academy and Wolf Fight Promotion, there are plenty of platforms to grow on.

With up-and-coming fighters like Josefine Knutsson, Felipe Lima and Bernardo Sopai taking the step over to the UFC, and with world-class gyms like Allstars Training Center, there is knowledge and confidence within the Swedish scene to develop international fighters at the highest level.

And if that’s not enough, Sweden is just booming with MMA news sites and podcasts that work around the clock to cover events and fighters in order to take the sport to the next level. Now we just hope the fighter purses will be adjusted to fit the growing interest for the sport.

Congratulations to all the Swedish MMA fighters out there. This is your time!

2. A weekend without UFC

When the promotion puts on lukewarm cards at the Apex left and right, a weekend without a UFC card is a nice change of pace. Finally a chance to get a little breather and look forward to what’s ahead!

3. The Sunday Column song of the week

“Night Time Is the Right Time” has been recorded by numerous artists, including fantastic performances by Ray Charles, James Brown and The Animals.

However, The Sonics recorded the greatest version of them all for their debut LP back in 1965. The aggressive and hard-edged version blows the speakers every time!

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