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Press conference: Tyson warns Paul he will be “fighting for his life”



Tyson vs Paul 1 fight

Tyson vs Paul. Photo via YouTube

At Monday’s kickoff press conference for the July 20 boxing bout between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, there was a friendly tone between the two boxers. But under the cheerful banter, there was a serious message.

“I really like Jake a lot,” Tyson said at the New York press conference. “But once he’s in that ring, he has to fight like his life is depending on it. Because it will be.”

“You’ve got the both of us and we’re going to do this. We’re friends. There’s no doubt we’re friends. But in that ring, we’re not going to be friends. That’s just what it is,” Tyson said.

Mike Tyson about the age difference: 

“I think the people that said that wish they were up here,” Tyson said. “Because no one else can do it. Who else can do this? Who else can shut the sporting world down? No one else can do it.”

Jake Paul about the doubters:

“A lot of people are doubting me,” Paul said. “I go onto the Instagram comments and I see them all saying, ‘If Jake wins this fight, it’s rigged’ because of how incredible he looks. Age doesn’t matter. Age is just a number. He’s a killer, he’s a warrior, he’s been doing this his whole, entire life, so it’s second nature to him. I’ve been doing this for four years, and I’ve been doing it at a super high level.”

“On July 20th, I’m gonna show the world that I can outbox Mike Tyson and prove everyone wrong and show everyone that I will be the one doing the killing,” Paul said.

Jake Paul about fighting at heavyweight:

“I know I will be able to [take his punches],” Paul said. “I’m a natural-born heavyweight. This is what I was born to do, to move up into this weight class, and I’m going to show Mike who has more power. Because he’s underestimating me. I think everyone else is underestimating me and I believe I hit harder.”

Check out the Tyson vs Paul face off below!

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