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Gilbert Burns needs ‘devastating finish’ at UFC 283: “The training camp is different”



Gilbert Burns UFC 1 MMA Frontkick

Brazilian welterweight Gilbert Burns. Photo: Per Haljestam – USA TODAY Sports

On January 21, former title challenger Gilbert Burns steps into the octagon to fight seasoned veteran Neil Magny on his hometurf. With a win, No. 5 ranked Burns is one step closer to a new shot at the title.

Visiting the Believe You Me podcast, the Brazilian welterweight was clear on his expectations going into the fight.

“My goal is to become a champion. I want it more than ever now, because I know my time is closing. I’m 36. I don’t have 10 more years. So I want to get a couple of finishes and get another title shot and win the title,” Burns said.

“Perfect would be three finishes and earning that title shot. I don’t want to beg, I don’t want to ask, I don’t want a favor. I want to earn that. A devastating finish against Neil Magny will get me a step closer to that.”

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Gilbert Burns doesn’t trust the judges

The 36-year-old changed his training to be able to get the stoppage win that he feels that he needs to get on route to the welterweight gold.

“I’m at a point right now where a win is not enough,” Burns said. “I need to get a finish and in order to have that type of finish, the training camp is different. I’m putting a lot of work to make sure January 21, I come ready to finish this guy. Not just a win, not a bullshit decision, not let’s see what the judges are gonna see. No, fuck that. No more. I never like it, but after the last one even more now. I don’t want to depend on the judges. They’ve been messing up a lot of guys, so I have 15 minutes to finish this guy and don’t let the judges make a decision for me.”

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