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Groin-strike controversy: Commission finally reacts to Bo Nickal’s debated debut



Bo Nickal NAC Jamie Pickett 2 Frontkick online

At UFC 285 this past Saturday, hyped newcomer Bo Nickal continued his unbeaten streak as he stopped Jamie Pickett in the first round.

However, the win came with a bitter aftertaste as Pickett’s team claimed that they would overturn the result to a no contest, due to an alleged groin strike by Nickal which set up the takedown that eventually ended the fight.

Both parties have gone back and forth in the media the last few days, until the Nevada Athletic Commission recently stepped in to cool things down.

NAC Executive Director Jeff Mullen revealed that the commission had sat down studying the situation thoroughly on video, without finding any indisputable evidence that showed Nickal’s knee hit the groin of Picket.

“The review official cannot overturn the in-cage referees decision without indisputable video evidence,” Mullen stated to MMA Fighting.

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Chael Sonnen giving his take on Bo Nickal

Besides the Nevada Athletic Commission, MMA expert Chael Sonnen, among many others, also gave his take on the situation.

Even though Sonnen claimed he never heard someone ever lying about getting hit below the belt, he had a hard time understanding what Pickett’s team would get out of getting the fight overturned to a no-contest.

“What are you trying to achieve? What is the point,” Sonnen asked himself in a recent YouTube video. “I won’t give Pickett a hard time, I just don’t personally understand it.”

“If Bo’s shot landed low, that doesn’t mean he cheated, unless he did it intentionally. That’s very strong language by both sides.”

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