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Report: UFC made more money in 2022 than all combat sports promotions combined!



Dana White MMA

UFC president Dana White. Photo: Mark J. Rebilas – USA TODAY Sports

UFC reportedly made more profit last than all other MMA and boxing promotions combined.

That’s according to Bloody Elbow’s John S. Nash, who has studied the financial growth of the leading MMA promotion. Nash claimed that the UFC generated $1.140 billion in 2022, which is the highest revenue they ever reported for a year.

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UFC likely surpasses their competitors

Nash shared that UFC is making more than its competitors, like MMA promotions PFL and Bellator as well as one of the world’s biggest boxing promotions, Matchroom Boxing. He suggested that UFC’s profit “likely surpasses the total profits of all MMA and boxing promoters”.

CBS Sports combat sports analyst Luke Thomas commented on the reported profits of UFC.

“They made in profit – profit – this is how much they get to fully keep on their own after all of their expenses. This is take home pay. They made $387 million in 2022 alone. Profit,” Thomas said on Morning Kombat.

“The UFC made more in 2022 than every MMA and boxing promoter combined. $387 million might be the most, and probably almost certainly is the most, that any promoter in combat sports has ever made in a single calendar year.”

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