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Elon Musk accepts UFC legends offer, see him train for the potentional ‘super’ fight



Elon Musk MMA fight 2

Elon Musk training. Photo: Antonia Jaramillo / Florida Today via Imagn Content Services, LLC and via Twitter 

Elon Musk has accepted legendary UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre’s offer to have him as a training partner ahead of a potential fight against Mark Zuckerberg.

“I’m a huge fan of yours and it would be an absolute honor to help you and be your training partner for the challenge against Zuckerberg,” St-Pierre wrote.

GSP recently got the response he was hoping for.

“OK, let’s do it,” Musk responded.

However, if the fight does happen and they do train together is still not known.

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“Extremely impressed” with Elon Musk

Elon Musk appears to have started training for the potential fight against Zuckerberg.

In a recent tweet, MIT research scientist and podcaster Lex Fridman shared photos of Musk on the mats and gave a comment on his status as a fighter.

“I did an impromptu training session with [Elon Musk] for a few hours yesterday,” Fridman tweeted. “I’m extremely impressed with his strength, power, and skill, on the feet and on the ground. It was epic. It’s really inspiring to see Elon and Mark doing martial arts, but I think the world is served far better if they train martial arts but not fight in the cage. That said, as Elon says, the most entertaining outcome is the most likely… I’m there for them, no matter what.”

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