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Enes Kollari vows to stop his opponent faster than Khamzat: “First round!”



Enes Kollari 3 Swedish Frontkick

Enes Kollari makes his pro debut on Saturday. Photo: Patrik Persson

Gothenburg’s Enes Kollari will make his professional MMA debut on Saturday’s Wolf Fight Promotion 8 in Halmstad, Sweden.

In an interview with Käftsmällspoddens Andres Viracca, he shares his thoughts on the upcoming fight and his tough opponent Danijel Grbic.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time,” Kollari says. “It will be nice to show everything I’ve trained for and how hard I worked.”

“He’s just like anybody standing in my way. I look forward to putting on a show. What I want to do is, you know, the first round,” Kollari laughs.

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Enes Kollari doesn’t care about Swedish Champions

Danijel Grbic has three professional bouts to his name and is a former Swedish champion. However, titles are nothing that impresses the Gothenburg fighter.

“I know he’s a former Swedish champion, he lost his last three fights. He’s experienced, you know, but I haven’t studied him so much to be honest. You know, I’ve been in the game for a long time myself. I just know that everyone of my opponents has been Swedish champions. It doesn’t matter, no one has done anything.”

In fact, Kollari has a bold prediction for his pro debut.

“The best thing that happened to Grbic was that he was stopped by Khamzat in the second round, so I want to do it in the first.”

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