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Käftsmällspodden will stream boxing show Bajen Open House for free!



Käftsmällspodden Bajen Open House

Bajen Open House. Photo via Käftsmällspodden and Hammary Boxning

Sweden’s leading fighting podcast, Käftsmällspodden, will once again stream a Swedish combat sports event for free on their YouTube channel.

This time it’s Stockholm boxing club Hammarby Boxning who arranges Bajen Open House on Saturday October 21. The event will take place in Skarpnäck, Stockholm, and feature a bunch of Sweden’s best amateur boxers and rising talents.

“Boxing – we are here now! It’s time to put the lime light on boxing, just like we did with other combat sports,” Käftsmällspodden’s Andres Viracca says.

Hammarby coach Joel Grandell is more than happy to work with Käftsmällspodden.

“It’s great that we can host our own events in our new gym in Skarpnäck, that’s important for the club. We hope to arrange a number of events every year, and then it’s awesome to work together with the likes of Käftsmällspodden,” Grandell says. “It’s great to be able to stream the event so boxing reaches a bigger audience.”

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Bajen Open House features some of Sweden’s best boxers

As it looks right now, Bajen Open House will feature some of Sweden’s finest amateur pugilists, like Hammarby’s Sipel Duna and Majd Alsfadi, who are featured on Frontkick’s Boxing Guide: The 40 Best Amateur Boxers in Sweden Right Now, and rising heavyweight star Elwin Belezika.

“Some of the best boxers from Hammarby, and Sweden, will have a chance to fight on our hometurf. Boxer’s like Elwin, Sipel, Agit, Muhammed and Majd are often forced to go abroad to fight. Now they get a chance to box in Sweden. Hopefully we can match them against some good opposition from Norway,” Grandell says.

“The goal is to have boxers at all different levels and ages to compete, but also to have some of Sweden’s absolute best boxers fighting at our events.”

The event starts at 12.00 and Käftsmällspodden streams all the fights on YouTube.

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