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Israel Adesanya brutally honest – Reveals unexpected career low point: “I hate to say it”



Israel Adesanya Jake Paul

Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya recently revealed career lowpoint. Photo: USA TODAY via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Israel Adesanya has put together a string of highlight finishes and title defences during his rather short time in the UFC. However, on his YouTube channel he recently revealed his absolutely worst moment of his career.

“Lowest point in MMA, it’s not the Jan fight, surprisingly,” Adesanya said. ”If I’m being honest, the Romero fight. That was the first time people were like, ‘Ah, boring!’ And he had another fight after me and he did the same thing. The smart people were like, ‘Israel was right, he’s doing the exact same thing.’ If he made a move against me the wrong way, I was going to catch him. But it still reared its ugly head, but I squash it because I am an adult and I know how to handle it.”

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Israel Adesanya: “Why are you blaming me?”

The five round title bout was heavily criticized for being boring and the champion admitted it was hard on him.

“After that fight, I was like, ‘I was fighting, I was trying. He was just standing there. Why are you blaming me?’ That’s why now I’m just like, ‘Whatever.’ That was the first time I kinda felt like, I hate to say it, the fans ‘turn’ on me. I was like, ‘Wait, what? Now they’re saying I’m shit. Did you not watch the one before that?’ That’s why in the Costa fight, I had that chip on my shoulder. The Romero thing, that was like, the worst for me.”

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