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Paddy Pimblett is headed for surgery: “A grade 2 injury”



Paddy Pimblett UFC 282 Frontkick

Paddy Pimblett in his fight against Jared Gordon at UFC 282.

UFC star Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett is headed for surgery in March.

The lightweight prospect hoped to return to action on his home turf at UFC 286 in the UK, but the plans just flew out the window.

Pimblett suffered an ankle injury in his last outing against Jared Gordon at UFC 282. The injury will require surgery in March, and at the moment it’s not known how long he will be away from competition.

The news was revealed in a video blog posted to the Liverpudlian’s own YouTube channel.

“It looks like you have a small amount of cartilage lost in this bit. That’s exactly where you’re sore. The other thing you’ve got is all this white stuff here, that’s all fluid. So, that’s what the swelling is. When we look at the ligaments that join your fibula, so you’ve probably got what we call a grade 2 injury to that,” Pimblett’s doctor said in the video.

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Paddy Pimblett is undefeated in the UFC

The rising star is undefeated in the UFC with three straight wins since his promotional debut in September 2021.

He won his last fight against Jared Gordon via a very criticized unanimous decision, that made MMA fans and experts all over the world see red. Paddy Pimblett didn’t see anything wrong with the judges’ call though.

“It wasn’t a split decision, it was a unanimous decision, so I’m pretty pissed off that people thought I lost, it’s annoying me. It’s annoying me a lot,” Pimblett said after the fight.

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