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All nine Swedish medalists at the 2023 Muay Thai World Championships!



Mustafa Aboutaka Muay Thai World Championships 1

Mustafa Aboutaka won gold at Muay Thai World Championships. Photo via Käftsmällspodden and Instagram

With nine medals, Sweden is one of the most successful countries at the 2023 IFMA Senior World Championships which took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

The great results is a receipt that Swedish Muay Thai is strong and well. Check out all the Swedish medalists below!

Gold medal winners:

  • Irene Forssell Nilsson – 75 kg
  • Mustafa Aboutaka – 75 kg
  • Vilda Ekhorn – 54 kg (U23)
  • Dalian Dawody – 71 kg (U23)

Silver medal winners:

  • Camilla Danielsson – 45 kg
  • Ewin Ates – 60 kg
  • Antonia Drevelid – 60 kg U23

Bronze medal winners:

  • Moa Carlsson – 54 kg
  • Emilia Koivisto – 57 kg (U23)

Muay Thai World Championships day by day:

The 2023 IFMA Senior World Championships marked the 30th Anniversary of the International Federation of Muaythai Associations. More than 100 countries took part in the tournament.

Friday May 5 – Swedish results
Saturday May 6 – Swedish results
Sunday May 7 – Swedish results
Monday May 8 – Swedish results
Tuesday May 9 – Swedish results
Wednesday 10 – Swedish results
Thursday 11 – Swedish results

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