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Bajen Open House – Fight Card, Start Time & How to Watch



Elwin Belezika Boxing 21

Elwin Belezika will fight at Bajen Open House. Photo via Hammarby Boxning

On Saturday October 21, south Stockholm will be boiling with red-hot boxing action as Hammarby IF arranges a boxing show at their gym in Skarpnäck.

The card features both seasoned National Team members from both Sweden and Norway, as well as up-and-coming local pugilists.

Among the most interesting matchups we will see Hammarby’s heavyweight phenom Elwin “Bazooka” Belezika take on BK Öster’s Tamaz Temirov. The exceptionally quick and explosive Belezika is perhaps Sweden’s most interesting amateur boxer right now, with multiple gold medals both in Sweden and abroad.

The card also features promising fighters like Swedish National Team members Sipel Duna and Majd Alsafadi, as well as youth and junior National Team fighters Ruben Gard and Viggo Pettersson.

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Käftsmällspodden will stream the event for free

Sweden’s leading fighting podcast, Käftsmällspodden, will once again give fight fans what they want as they will stream Bajen Open House for free on their YouTube channel.

“Boxing – we are here now! It’s time to put the lime light on boxing, just like we did with other combat sports,” Käftsmällspodden’s Andres Viracca said about the streaming.

Check out the current fight card below!

Käftsmällspodden Bajen Open House

Photo via Käftsmällspodden and Hammary Boxning

Bajen Open House Fight Card

Fight card for Bajen Open House as of October 18. *

Starting at 12.00.

  • Female youth (A 54 kilo) Medina Zaman Haninge BK vs. Mimmi Blixt NBK Akilles
  • Male youth (B 63 kilo) Tyrehll Nyambok Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Bilal Öhlü AIK Boxningsförening
  • Male youth (B 63 kilo) Daniel Pusov Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Sadegh Nazari Örebro BK
  • Male youth (B 70 kilo) Stefan Petkovic Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Edvin Dudakovic BK Öster
  • Male youth (A 70 kilo) Maxi Nygård IF Linnéa vs. Malte Broman Boxningssällskapet Tor
  • Male junior (C 60 kilo) Mudaser Ainali BK Rapid vs. Mark Adel NBK Akilles
  • Male junior (B 67 kilo) Sigge Pettersson Bålsta BK vs. Mohammed Khalaf NBK Akilles
  • Male junior (B 75 kilo) Singh Narveer BK Rågsved vs. Troy Unghagen AIK Boxningsförening
  • Male senior (C 71 kilo) Dennis Kukulj Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Kevin Boateng Väsby BK
  • Male senior (C 75 kilo) Anton Butsola Stockholms AIF vs. Adam Kulmiye Haninge BK
  • Male senior (C 75 kilo) Oliver Beijer Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Anders Tegelström Norrtelje MMA
  • Male senior (C 80 kilo) Albin Andersson Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Ibrahim Abdulla Kanan BK Berget
  • Female senior (B 66 kilo) Paulina Loutchko Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Hanan Abed Al-Razik AIK Boxningsförening
  • Female senior (B 75 kilo) Stina Mauritzon KFUM Linköping vs. Jessica Rosell Stockholms AIF
  • Male senior (B 60 kilo) Reza Ibrahimi Narva BK vs. James Paredes Väsby BK
  • Male senior (B 80 kilo) Ali Abdelamir Narva BK vs. Qendrim Rrmoku Sidestep BC
  • Male senior (B 80 kilo) Teo Omijada Örebro BK vs. Thomas Arbo Botkyrka BK
  • Male senior (B 92 kilo) Tyrone Koki Väsby BK vs. Ali Mohammed Jawad BK Rapid

Starting at 16.00.

  • Male youth (A 66 kilo) Ruben Gard Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Noel Hadziosmanovic Karlsson AIK Boxningsförening
  • Male senior (A 57 kilo) Alvin Warukaga BK30 Motala vs. Erduan Berisha Sweden
  • Male senior (A 63.5) Noe Gahlin Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Awaz Shakuri Stockholms AIF
  • Male senior (A 67) Tim F. Korhola Bålsta BK vs. Vuk Gladanac Väsby BK
  • Male senior (A 71) Felix Nyrfors KFUM Linköping vs. Nikolas Valencia Stockholms AIF
  • Male senior (A 80) Pierre-louis Mathevon BK30 Motala vs. Andreas Wedin Hammarby IF Boxning
  • Male junior (A 54) Viggo Pettersson Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Rouhalla Idany IF Ørnulf bokseklubb
  • Male junior (A 63.5 ) Said Mamergov Haninge BK vs. Abdul Malik Vitaev IF Ørnulf bokseklubb
  • Female senior (A 57) Sipel Duna Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Anabelle Bruun Oslo Bokseklubb
  • Male senior (B 92+ Mohamed Ali Ayser IF Ørnulf bokseklubb vs. Kevin Toledo Stockholms AIF
  • Male senior (A 80) Majd Alsafadi Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Saleheddin Attia IF Ørnulf bokseklubb
  • Male junior (A 92) Elwin Belezika Hammarby IF Boxning vs. Tamaz Temirov BK Öster

* Fight card is a subject of change.

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