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Is he the most disrespected UFC champion ever?



Aljamain Sterling MMA Frontkick

Aljamain Sterling. Photo via Twitter (UFC)

There has lately been a lot of back-and-forth between UFC president Dana White and reigning bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling regarding the champ’s upcoming title defense at UFC 292 in August.

Since winning the title via DQ, and defending it against an injured T.J Dillashaw it kinda seems like “Aljo” might not get the credit he deserves – even though he accepted the upcoming title defense right after defending the belt against Henry Cejudo.

Is Sterling in fact the promotion’s most disrespected champ ever?

Yes, he is – at least if you are asking MMA expert Chael Sonnen.

“There are certain things that Aljo would just like to get credit for, and he’s right to do that. I have never seen a more disrespected world champion, and this isn’t new,” Sonnen said in a recent video.

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Aljamain Sterling: “What else could you possibly want”

Aljamain Sterling also seem to beleive he did everything that the company could ask for, both as a fighter and a champion.

“I play the part that I feel like they want me to play and I play the part that I want to play in terms of being myself,” Sterling recently said on his YouTube channel. “So when I look at all that, it’s like, what else could you possibly want from a champion who’s active, competing, he’s doing the stuff that you ask of him. Meaning you’re putting your promotional dollars out there for me to go do all these things to big up the fight, promote the fight, and I’m out here in these streets working!”

“Why can’t you just give credit where credit is due?”

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